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Snapfish is a web-based photo sharing and photo printing service owned by Shutterfly. Snapfish is based in San Francisco, California.

An angry customer named AMY M, form Grovetown, GA shared her bad experience about SNAPFISH in a review published by INFLUENSTER: “I abhor this company with a PASSION!!!! (and I'm a huge HP fan). I used to switch between Snapfish and Shutterfly for years based on whoever had the best deals. That all stopped after an incident I had 2 years ago. They completely messed up my order, and flat out refused to fix the situation. Making the whole experience worse for me is that outsource their customer service out of the US and there were language barrier problems between myself and the majority of agents I spoke with. When I asked to speak with someone in the US I was told that was not possible and then hung upon. I called back, got ahold of a high-level manager, still not in the US, and he offered me my money back...The problem was, I used a voucher I earned by using a rewards site. When he found this out I was told "I'm sorry for your bad experience, I can send you a coupon for 30% off your next photo card order". They refused to re-print my product correctly, despite acknowledgment from them that, Yes, it was indeed printed incorrectly, but because I used a promotion (that I did have to wasn't just a "free coupon") they weren't able to offer me a correction, I should have "Pre-viewed" before I accepted the print. When I explained that I DID preview, and it previewed properly (which they then went through their system and confirmed AGAIN that yes, it did do this...) they still refused any sort of compensation shy of a 30% off coupon. I slammed the phone down in frustration and never looked back. Shutterfly has 100% of my business and has NEVER disappointed. Not once. Customer Service there is effective, polite, caring, and sympathetic even going so far as to "overnighting" me things that took too long to process through the mail and weren't received in a timely manner (4 weeks....I was patient) No questions asked, no strings attached, just "I'm so sorry to hear this! You will have (whatever item it was) in your mailbox tomorrow!" and it was...the original one arriving 3 days later LOL When I called to ask where I could send it back, I was told "ENJOY! Thanks for being a customer!" and they are ALWAYS doing free promotions. My advice - ditch Snapfish NOW! Go to Shutterfly and Never EVER look back. You won't regret it!BTW - I DID get that coupon Snapfish promised. It expired 2 days from the day I received it. (Got it on the 10th, expired the 12th) Talk about only making a HORRID situation even WORSE! I'm telling you, DO NOT USE SNAPFISH!


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Secret (Current Employee) says

"Good location to work on but not the mgmt. Very high in turn over firing people and people start looking other company to work on. Every new hire senior level people have there own idea and start making changes to the job culture and personal interest."

Senior UX Designer & Art Director (Former Employee) says

"I absolutely loved the people I worked with, but the way employees are treated by upper management is appalling. In 5 years, I had 9 managers and in many instances my manager was reassigned (and when I write reassigned, I mean they were excused from their position for no valid reason with the option to take another position within HP). Of the 9 managers, I have no complaints about any of them. In fact I learned a tremendous amount from each and they were outstanding at their job. Truly the best bosses I've ever had. But if you have any aspiration to make strides and contribute to the growth of the company, this is not the place for you.The StaffSenior Management"

Associate Designer (Former Employee) says

"I enjoyed working with my colleagues although there was little encouragement. We were separate from the main office in CA where basically no feedback was given.Was able to work remotely.There were no raises or possibility of going full time (from contract)."

Visual Designer (Former Employee) says

"Pros: • Great WFH-life balance • Located a block away from the Montgomery BART station • Employees seem pleasant Cons: • Corporate office culture is secluded. Salary-employees vs. contractors. • Heavier workload ≠ financial growth"

Data Center Technician (Current Employee) says

"Very little to no training on the job. Normally a everyday slow pace work environment. But can also be a fast pace work environment with poorly planed big projects with very little time frame. doing things from racking and stacking to cabling and building of servers. troubleshooting,replacing ,and RMAing hardware. Over all an ok place to get you feet through the door, but dont stay from to longyou get to do a little bit of everythingno Benefits"

Designer (Former Employee) says

"In the world of photo sharing and photo gift providers there are several tiers of companies. Everything from high-end, widely used and publicly regarded, to lower tier. In terms of providing product to consumers, Snapfish provides quality products at low-cost. A similar analogy can be applied to how Snapfish runs its business. Snapfish likes to cut costs in terms of the types of employees it hires. A big portion of the business is conducted by an outsourcing agency in India. It's a no-brainer that if your goal is cut costs and hire cheap labor, the quality of their work is going to suffer. This is very apparent in the quality of work that the agency provides. The roles of many Snapfish employees is to re-do the work of the outsourcing agency or to send them communication to have them re-do their work. When it comes down to it, the bottom-line is more important to the company's president than hiring well qualified employees. If you want to be part of company that places an emphasis on cheap labor over quality then Snapfish is a perfect place to work at. Consider Snapfish low-tier as a company."

Brett says

"Place an order a couple weeks ago. A mix of calendars and photos. A whole bunch of stuff. They decided to split one order up into 5 orders. I got the calendars quick. The other 4 orders are now divided between Albany, NY (Been there since 1/7 and CT(been there since 1/11). Talked to live agent the day after they should of been here and was told that it's still in their time frame. (No, it's not) Now I gotta call them tomorrow and figure this out. $100 dollars worth of prints just stopped moving. They don't refund me I am gonna be lividly pissed. 3 days have passed since I "Chatted with a virtual assistant" and they tell me to give them more time. Unacceptable. I am never using this company again. I found mpix to be wayyy better. Thought I'd use this one for the deal they offered, never again. F this company and their practices. they suck."

Tracy L says

"Unbelievable customer service. I just spent over six hours working on a photo book project only to have almost the whole project delete and customer service tell me it’s my fault I didn’t save (BUT I DID). I saved the project prior to adding to cart and when going back into editing, the whole project was gone and according to them it was because of “poor server connection” !?! Don’t waste your time on here like I did."

J Glen says

"Uploaded 200+ high res photographs, only to receive very poor quality prints. My £30 printer at home produces better quality images. Incredibly disappointed - waste of time and money. Will never use again."

Pauline Portch says

"Ordered 659 prints from my phone. Wanted to delete my phone photos as memory getting full. Package arrived open at one end as too many print packets for one package. 2 packets of 125 photos missing. Did live customer service chat. They have no ability to resend a missing order. Was told to reorder missing photos. Easier said than done to sort out which ones are missing frm so many. Dreadful company. Avoid !!!"

Louise Boyd says

"Absolute Disgusting Poor customer service, parcel ordered in December still not arrived and they are refusing to refund me my money despite NZ post confirming the parcel is lost. Customer service is clearly off shore, and is now resulting in me having to lodge a claim with my bank. to be told wait another 10 days when there has been no tracking for the past 10 days and then they will send me another one out and i am not entitled to a refund is disgusting. I have the right to ask for my money back to purchase locally which is what i thought i was doing in the first place. I will never order from Snapfish again. BEWARE before ordering from these because if it goes wrong you will fight to get your money back....."

Cassie Pepper says

"I’m not one to complain about companies. I usually go to them and explain the problem which in this case I did. I’m a photographer and was putting together my picture book of Christmas. I was excited to receive the three books I purchased from them. I received the books tonight and they are terrible. Pages had roller marks throughout and the high resolution pictures I gave them turned out pixelated and poor image quality. I addressed them with them. They had me send them proof and afterward said they would credit me for all of them. My order was $45 and my credit only went for $20. I rewrote them and explained that all of the books were damaged and they said they gave me the full amount which was a lie. Don’t use this company. You pay money for crap photos. It’s not fair that I’m out of the money I spent. While I was chatting with the person, she disconnected our conversation and didn’t resolve the issue. I’ve never been this disappointed in a company in quite a while."

Charles says

"Ordered from them. Simple little 4X6 framed pictures. High quality images. What I got? Terrible quality and a lot of sass from the customer service team. Avoid snapfish, really bad experience."

Ivey West says

"Finished product okay but took 11 business days to get here. Paid $14 for shipping. Tracked my book bouncing all over the country from MD to Penn to two places in OR and two in WA. Customer support clearly not in this country and useless. Nice fellow, but he could not change anything. Never again."

C Richard says

"Can be great photo books but too many technical issues! We’re currently undergoing a huge renovation on our first home and I planned on making photo books throughout the process, when I ordered the first one I couldn’t edit the page layout. I still cannot edit the page layout on my current book, I browsed their help pages and they are from 2017! I tried on Safari and in their app - NO layout options! I contacted their live chat support - 25 minutes of utter uselessness! Imran kept sending screenshots and I sent screenshots back stating that I do not have the edit options! Absolute waste of time... I’ll just order elsewhere!"

Marjorie Page says

"I have hundreds of photos on snapfish. I uploaded them before I sold my old computer. I backed them up and lost the memory stick but it’s ok because they on snapfish. WRONG it is NOT ok! I cannot download any of my photos to my phone or computer, not even a screenshot. Try to do anything with them links straight back to snapfish. Can’t print them, or share them anywhere, they are stuck unless I buy them back. I have spent money on merchandise and photos, posters etc and they are now holding my memories to ransom!"

April Arnold Franklin says

"This used to be a good company. No more! They do not even have quality control checks anymore before they ship, then they act like you are lying when you call them about it. When they finally reship it, they use regular mail and it either takes forever or never gets to you. Christmas presents were printed wrong and they reshipped. Now they are lost in the USPS because Snapfish is too cheap to use a reputable shipping company. I asked them to put a tracer on the package, they refused. I will have to learn to use Shutterfly from now on."

samd says

"ordered a present for xmas at end of November...fobbed off so many times it was on its way , its now stuck in the UK, I live in france in the massive traffic of lorries in Dover!! What joke, really disappointing and their customer service is truly dreadful, AVOID AVOID AVOID."

Mrs says

"I ordered a 12 x 8 collage of photos in Iceland which I had arranged as a present for my husband. It was a special birthday. The order took over two weeks. When it arrived the collage print was damaged. The damage due to the fact that it was not packaged properly and therefore bent in the post. When I contacted Customer Support, they refused to help me out unless I sent two photos of the damage. Really how can you see bends on a photo of a photo clearly. If I'd read these reviews before my order I would have taken my custom elsewhere. Now I have to achieve a miracle to rectify this before Christmas!!!"

Lisa J Campbell says

"I have happily used Snapfish for over 15 years to create photo books and prints. However, playing cards from Snapfish are not a good deal. My dad is 90 and he loves to play cards several times a week. I created Snapfishs’ custom playing cards for everyone who came to my dad’s birthday gathering. Each deck had a different picture. I hoped we could all play with them together. The cards were kind of expensive at 24.99 a deck. In my opinion, that’s a lot for playing cards. While the photo quality was great, the cards were frustrating to deal and very disappointing. They are not coated like a normal deck and so, they are “sticky”. They are hard to deal and shuffle. I experimented with one deck, coating it with cornstarch and with another deck I used a silicone spray to get them to be more slippery. After working with them a couple of days, neither deck is much better. These Snapfish cards are simply frustrating to play with. Sadly they will not be used for games. Future buyers beware; Snapfish playing cards only value is to look at. They are not enjoyable to play with. I will not purchase these again. They are a poor value for the price. I hope Snapfish will consider improvements to this item. I recommend they using a good card manufacturer to produce coated playing cards. They should also post a clarification on this item so buyers are aware that the cards are not coated like normal playing cards."

Ingrid Vlieg says

"Sadly this company has gone downhill. Snapfish used to be excellent. And sometimes they are - the canvas I ordered turned out great. But I also ordered a ceramic ornament for my Christmas Tree of my cat who had died. Ordered 30 Nov, due 9 Dec. Get totally fobbed off by live chat who blamed the Pandemic for everything. Finally got a refund!" is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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